Body Heart Mind – CQM Walking Meditation for Deep Healing


It’s through our Contemplative Intelligence Deep Healing Meditations or CQM practice that we can enter the depths of the subconscious and change our minds operating systems. Think of the subconscious as the brain’s operating system. By now accessing this operating system of the brain we started to see people let go of the need for their ego-insurgents like perfectionism, control and anxiety. In that space of letting go the CQM’s worked their magic. As they let go, a void opened and we filled that void with positive, practical and powerful emotion and meta-thinking that simply made the miracle of change happen. We have 4 levels that people go through with our practices. Levels 1-4. Change is like anything else that has value. It all takes practice and time to develop. The benefits undoubtedly begin to increase as people practice exiting the nightmares of the mind they have been in for decades. These nightmares often manifest in the body and once the mind and emotions heal, so does the body. Moving beyond the analytical and accessing the subconscious, that we eventually make conscious is the journey of every one who wants to heal their lives.


This 43-minute meditation was created to help us align energy throughout our bodies and then shift it around the body. This is how you actually create change for yourself in reality. Create the life you want with this work.

Run Time: 43 minutes


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