Aftercare and Outpatient Pack


Continue your journey with us. Sign up here for the aftercare package which includes the course, a group and private session each week and the complete book


If you have done any work with The Center and Mark and the team, you are encouraged to continue that journey and go all the way. This package is how to do that. Herewith is the information regarding continued care package. It consists of :

  • A one on one session per week with one of our psychologists – you could let us know who you would prefer.
  • The aftercare group every Wednesday at 13:00 when you can make it, which is optional support and connection for you.
  • The Self timed 6 week Awakening Course starting this Monday is amazing as you transition back into home life and keeps you connected to a program for a few minutes a day. It helps you apply all you learned at the Center. It also gives you a real map from where you have come to where you are going and will guide you to where you need to be. There is an approximately 68% better chance of long term changes with continued program work. 
  • The Full colour 9 hour Audio and eBook – The Power of Contemplative Intelligence (CQ)

The cost is R8890.00 for the whole package for the first month, from there it is the cost of the therapy sessions at R750 per online session as and when you need them. 

Namaste & Gassho