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Super Modern Private Rehabilitation Clinic

Addiction Treatment Programmes like you’ve never experienced before. Our Private Rehabilitation Clinic program is called the Pathways Rehabilitation program. It is world renowned, private, different and offers undeniable results since 2012. Mark’s handpicked staff include psychiatrists, social workers and registered counselors that are addiction specific professionals. Hand picked, these professionals are at the top of their game when it comes to healing all addictions and the underlying emotional and psychological facets of the issues.

This combination at our Private Rehabilitation Clinic guarantees that treatment is beyond thorough and goes well beyond normal drug rehab center program care. are dedicated to creating a safe, secure and sacred place to allow for personal awareness and life transformation; physically, mentally and spiritually. We don’t do old school group you together rehab…not with such a low success rate. We believe that health is the ultimate luxury.

Through a guided fitness regime, wellness support and properly calibrated nutrition, our immersive programs allow guests to detoxify their bodies in a healthy, sustainable way, all while getting back to basics in nature. Our Addiction Treatment Programmes give one the opportunity to determine where they are on the road to balanced and healthy living along with the knowledge and tools to make sustainable healthy changes in their daily lives.

Pathways Plett Addiction Treatment Programmes offers the very best in modern drug addiction treatment. designed to last. To change lives. To bridge the gap of where you are to where you need to be. Talk is cheap, however our friends around the world are testiment to the remarkable success of the work our clients do. Our usual programme is anywhere from 30, 60 or 90 days. However, everyone is an individual at Pathways, so programmes are personalized to suit each clients specific requirements. We we include on and off site work, we are run by registered professionals that help our clients deal with  treating all drug and alcohol addictions.

Our various Addiction Treatment Programmes at our Private Rehabilitation Clinic include group work, lectures, therapy sessions, progress sessions and general, amazing and life changing life experience activities. These are balanced with practically learning how to live and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. How to thrive on exercise, freedom and healthy food in a sober, comfortable and relaxed context.

Pathways Private Rehabilitation Clinic offers the very latest developments in both 12 step and psychological recovery. We operate as an alternative to regular 12 step rehab by incorporating personal growth strategies over and above anything else. We do not label people. We do not take away either their phones or their dignity…we don’t break you down. We don’t run our Private Rehabilitation Clinic like an express factory shipping clients in and out. Pathways is special, magical and practical all at the same time.  With decades of combined and up to date professional experience, our team have gained significant results for our clients from all over the world. This is fast becoming a trend that is synonymous with the name Pathways Plett Private Rehabilitation Clinics. Wellness, long term recovery and healing are our main areas of focus. We delve beyond addiction into the emotional and spiritual aspects of life and recovery.

To book in or for more information about our Private Rehabilitation Clinic programs call us on 0824424779 or email

Private Rehabilitation Clinic

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