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Sign up for the 6 week course, get the book, book therapy sessions with our counselling team, come stay at our Center for Healing and Life Transformation. It doesn’t matter where you start your journey, start anywhere, just start it today.

Choose Your Service below. Choose from any of the services quick-links below and start your transformation with us. This work and some of our courses are the best in the world. They get the results people really need to heal their lives and perform better.

6 week course in healing depression

Start your 6 week course

Get out of survival brain and into thrive mind. Effortlessly learn about neuroscience, stress and how to heal it in our amazing signature 6 week courses

Choose Your Service Mark L Lockwood

Become a great Lifecoach

Do you have a passion for a healthy lifestyle, emotional and mental self regulation? This certification will teach you everything you need to know about being an effective Life Coach

Choose Your Service virtual wellness experience

Virtual Wellness Experience

If you cannot get to the center for one reason or another do your Wellness experience online with groups, sessions, coursework, structure and everything else you get at a 3D wellness center

Stay at our Healing Center

Our Private and homely Depression and wellness Center, called Center for Healing and Life Transformation provides inpatient care for depression, anxiety and stress in the paradise of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa Learn more

Choose Your Service recovery program

Addiction Recovery Program

Our Pathways Addiction Recovery Program has a team specializing in a number of highly focused addiction treatment options that are radically unique for our clients that work holistically on mind, body, emotions and soul. Learn more

Choose Your Service aftercare programs

Aftercare Programs Online

These programs are designed to keep people who have done other programs or wellness experiences connected after they finish their courses or leave our center. Learn more

Choose Your Service Contemplative Intelligence


Need private or couples counseling? In person or online, as regularly or as seldom as you like. Choose a male or female counsellor to suit your counseling therapy needs.

Choose Your Service books by Mark L Lockwood

Products and Books

Books by Mark L Lockwood are sent straight to your inbox in whatever version you prefer. All books are a wonderful addition to the work we do

Choose Your Service inner circle package

Annual Inner Circle Package

Stay Connected all year round with our annual Inner Circle package. Stay social and connected. Stay learning. No one should ever go it alone in this life time. We become what we do. Learn more

Mark L Lockwood Wellness. Choose Your Service

Start your own Franchise

Start your own business and become a partner, franchise owner or independent operation. We will help customize what you need to set up your business in mental health and life transformation

A Course in Spirituality and Personal Transformation

See our Promo Video

Take a look at our Center for Healing and Life Transformations video. We love watching it over and over for some reason. It has so much passion, it shows off our amazing Center and surrounds

Choose Your Service. Connect to Mark L Lockwood

Connect to Mark on YouTube

Connect and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Mark shares information on courses, ideas, technologies and tools that can help people connect and remember to put the work first in life


Choose the option that best suits you start and then keep you connected to the people, the work and the benefits

We want you to continue growing abundantly with your mind opened, your hearts awakened and re-united with family, friends, ourselves and all that is sacred to you. We hope for deep inner immersion together, as we bear a whole new level of love and joy, appreciation, compassion, connection and excitement along with a deep desire for you to contribute to your life, business, community and world…and perhaps beyond. Let’s do this…Gassho and Blessings.

Thank you Mark. I walked in like a caged tiger with wide eyes. I waited too many years to heal myself through my own avoidance. This is the best program in the world, I wish everyone had a chance to do it someday.

Olivia Baker

Let’s make life beautiful again.

for more information about how to Choose Your Service call +27824424779 or email, ceterforhealingandlife@gmail.com