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Start, and Quit Smoking

Yep, stopping smoking kills you faster, uglier and meaner than any other drug on the planet. Smoking is responsible for the highest amount of preventable deaths related to unhealthy living, so quitting smoking is not really an option, but rather a case of when.

Smoking cessation is delivered over 4 or 12 weeks. There is a maintenance and an advanced course. Beginners should opt in for the advanced course which helps you quit smoking in four to twelve weeks depending on your personal goals and resolve.

Many people who do the smoking cessation course continue on in maintenance and finish the twelve weeks, as the skills learned on the course help in many other areas of life. Quitting smoking is a positive shift towards personal transformation. Usually people want more out of life than settling for a life doing things you don’t really want to do and then wondering why you end up with crappy results. Our fast paced, success orientated lives don’t help us much either. We are all becoming avoidant of pain, and love a quick fix, much like a cigarette. But there are healthy and unhealthy ways to get what you want.

smoking cessation courses

The smoking cessation program is designed to be fun. You will learn a lot about how the mind works and you will develop some life transformational skills while you are at it.

What the smoking cessation program gives you.

An introductory session followed by a session once a week. You also get prompts reminders, quick knowledge course work to do every couple of days and plenty of quitting smoking resources. You have a personal quit smoking recovery coach to help you make it happen. You don’t ever need to go it alone.

Rewire your brain with new skills, and even delve into a touch of emotional healing and spiritual practice. Courses are online. All clients are also welcome to come stay with us in breathtaking Plettenberg Bay for 2-12 weeks at our healing center.

Click here for course prices and start to quit today.

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