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Mental Fitness in 6 weeks

Our Emotional Wellness Programs today are better known as mental, emotional and spiritual wellness courses done at  The Center for Healing and Spiritual Transformation and online. Our courses have been running since 2012 and have helped many people, who are looking for a therapeutic and spiritually based healing path, to find happiness and wellness.


Research shows that our very own ego defence mechanisms have unknowingly put many of us into permanent survival mode where our egoic, monkey minds are automatically always at war, leaving us in F9: which in short is fight, flight or freeze response. This Lizard brain mentality is causing depression, addictions, extreme stress and obsessive thinking that result in career, relationship, addiction and self esteem issues. To get out of it takes just 6-8 weeks backed by so much science, it is hard to argue. Contemplative Intelligence©, mindfulness and modern psychotherapy are more powerful and focused than ever before. We will teach you how to use them all and transform your life.

Increased grey matter in your CQ Sacred Brain where positivity, inspiration and creativity live

Decreased grey matter in your Limbic System where your ego- insurgents live and created closedness through defences

Worldwide Research breakthroughs in neuroscience, psychology and spirituality.

Using our therapy, and Contemplative Intelligence©, will 100X any therapeutic experiences. You no longer not need to wait for a rock bottom! Preventative treatment that can stop the decent to disorder, compulsion, obsessive thinking and stuckness that people may feel are holding their lives back – is our business. With a decade long track record and over 30 years of combined experience we offer our clients a number of personalized programs that are not widely available anywhere else.



  • Tired and burnt out?
  • Seeking Personal Transformation at the Highest Level?
  • Long or short term Anxiety or Depression, or Anxiety?
  • Eating Disorders, Weight and Health work?
  • Personality, Wellness, Vitality Work?
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Learn how to reset Physiologically, Emotionally, Psychologically and Spiritually. It’s easy, and available to everyone who is serious about healing and wellness.

Depression and anxiety healing courses

What People Say

I suffered deep anxiety and depression for 12 years!! I did everything, tried everything and everywhere. Desperation set in and I decided to invest in my health and future with this course, something I should have done long ago. Spirituality built on psychological principles gave me my foundation for change. The course changed my life from day one!

Ursula B, Canada

I was so anxious, I could not work. I was stress, burnt-out and becoming really depressed. The Mental Fitness helped me first, really quickly, but I loved the deeply spiritual side of the course the most.

Savannah, Cape Town

I was about to check into a hospital for my depression. I simply could not stop and also suffered BPD personality disorder. I practice the Contemplative lifestyle now, and my life has never been better since taking the Depression stress and anxiety healing courses.

Amanda P, Namibia

Depression and anxiety healing courses
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Depression and anxiety healing courses
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