A journey through Cancer

A journey through Cancer

Mark shares his story as a cancer survivor 

Having gone through colon cancer in 2019 along with having two operations, radiation and chemotherapy, Mark shares his story of how he tried to cope through the experience and try and find some light at the end of a tunnel that no one really knew if, or when, it would have an end. 

There is always a corner to turn in life and we can never give up hope even if we have to navigate a journey through cancer . Life is difficult but it is also the most valuable and special gift we will ever have. Mark shares some details of his own story as a cancer survivor of colorectal cancer. Cancer can be beaten, overcome, healed and managed. Everyone going through cancer or remission has a value and a purpose. Together we can help each other overcome just about anything in life. Keeping your connection and even growing them through the dark times is everyones business.

Many people have gone through far, far greater trials with this disease and I am incredibly fortunate to have had a manageable journey through Cancer. The problem with this disease is that the symptoms are so different for everyone and the treatments are also radically diverse. The chemotherapy and radiation dosages are worked out individually by scientists who have to review each and every single case by a multitude of factors such as age, general health status, medical history and so on. To make matters even more complicated the treatments also work completely differently for different people. In this way it resembles covid19. You just have no clue of what you’re going to get on various levels. 

A journey through Cancer Suggestions

So my message a journey through cancer is clear from my own experience and it may differ greatly to others who may have gone through much tougher, longer and differently staged treatments. My suggestion is to try and go through whatever you are going through one day at a time. Fragment this problem to getting one thing done at a time. Do only what is in front of you for that day! Then rest your mind, body and soul as much as you can. Then keep it simple. The mind has a way of pushing to find certainty and safety by finding answers. Answers can be difficult to get and cannot compete with the endless questions people who face such uncertainty experience. Follow the doctors suggestions as closely as you can and get a second opinion whenever you feel you need one. A good oncologist today will most certainly help you get the information and perspectives you need to keep yourself as focused as possible. 


This is your choice. Doctors, Oncologists and others in the field with years of experience are the best ones to follow in my opinion. There is a lot of controversy surrounding natural routes or chemical recovery routes like chemo. Think and then re-think your choices and discuss them with as many people as possible. Many people have died unnecessarily and say to quickly from having a fear of chemotherapy and what they may have seen on television. 

The most important three suggestions I can give anyone going through a journey through cancer is firstly to understand that technology changes every month. There are tons of experimental and clinical options surfacing all the time. Side effects and other issues have been managed by some of the best brains in the world. It is far from a death sentence and cancer can be beaten, along with the drove of other crazy things that can happen to us. 

Secondly, overcome the anxiety and fear enough to at least try and focus on your recovery and follow the doctors suggestions whenever you have the strength to do so. It is my experience that they help you day and night to manage your issues when possible. People care and everyone is working to help us find treatments and cures for cancer. Know that there is a team of people behind you and many other people who are and will be going through what you do. Keep the faith! Thirdly, let it unfold as best as you are able to. This involves letting go, surrendering and allowing what needs to happen, happen. It was the “Best still and know that I am God” styled message that I received from a note pinned above the radiation machine. You are always doing the best you can. All of us are always doing the best we can. Even if we’re crumbling, that may be the best we are capable of at the time. Time passes, and this too shall pass!

For more information about a journey through cancer visit https://www.cancer.org/ #coloncancer #cancerawareness #cancersurvivor 

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Mark L Lockwood (BA)(Hons)(psy) teaches spiritual transformation and is the founder of Contemplative Intelligence. Author of The Power of Contemplative Intelligence, Autotherapy and Recovery Magic. Our work is about the science of finding your spiritual self.

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